Properties with a house on them start at $30, if it is an empty lot the price can go down depending on size. Our weekly mowing includes cutting the grass, trimming around obstacles, and blowing off areas where grass does not belong. Look at our services page to learn more!
First off, hiring someone else to cut your lawn frees up more time in your life for friends and family. Professional lawn care teams, such as ourselves, have very high quality equipment and years of experience which allows us to make your lawn clean and sharp. Finally, we all know Illinois weather is crazy. Sometimes you can not mow on your day off due to weather or other circumstances. We work around these obstacles to make sure your yard is cut routinely and professionally.
We try our best to mow your yard every 7 days, but because sometimes things happen most yards are cut every 6-8 days!
We accept cash, checks, and debit/credit cards! We use Quickbooks to send invoices which can be securely, and easily paid on their servers. We never see your card information.
While it may seem less time consuming or cheaper to mow every other week it is not healthy for your lawn. It is recommended that only 1/3 of your grass is cut at a time. Cut grass will break down and provide nutrients for your lawn.